Exercise and Addiction Recovery

“Exercise is a Working Version of the Twelve Steps.” That’s a quote from Samantha S. of ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York. Check out this interview and what Samantha has to say about the role of exercise and nutrition, often called outside issues, to success in working the Twelve Steps.

Healthy Fats (Omega 3 and 6) for Addiction Recovery

Healthy fats can play an important role in your recovery by replacing sugar as an energy source. There are many more benefits to including these fats in your diet. I am joined by holistic cooking expert Melanie Albert of EXPnutrition to talk about how these fats can improve your life. FMI visit Melanie’s website at EXPnutrition.com and check out her book “A New View of Healthy Eating.”

Sober Living Through Fitness at ROCovery

ROCovery fitness is a pioneering organization in addiction recovery and recently opened the first active sober living community center in New York State. They do amazing work and are saving lives with their innovative programming. I had to see what they are doing for myself and recently visited. Here’s the story of how ROCovery Fitness came to be… FMI ROCcoveryfitness.org.