Buddhist Teachings and the Twelve Steps of Recovery

For many including me, Buddhist teachings have been useful tools in recovery.  Buddhist teaching and the eightfold path are consistent with twelve step teachings.  I had the opportunity to interview an expert on the issue at the KTD Monastary in Woodstock, New York.  Watch and find out how Buddhism can enhance your addiction recovery.



SOULFEST Music Festival: The Importance of Music to Your Recovery

Here’s a video from Soulfest 2016, a faith-based music festival in New Hampshire.  I explain the importance of music to my recovery and hope that it makes you think about how music, social media, movies, video games and other everyday parts of our life can either enhance, or undercut, your attempt to stay sober.




Beth A.: How She Overcame an Eating Disorder with the Help of Addict2Athlete…

Meet Beth A. of Addict2Athlete in Pueblo, Colorado.  I interviewed Beth at the “Hero Run”, a fundraiser to assist local recovery resources in Pueblo.  Hear about how Beth was able to overcome an eating addiction and restore her health.   For more information on the Addict2Athlete program, visit http://www.addict2athlete.org.