Amy Emley, The Phoenix & the Virtual Sober Active Community….

The Phoenix was the first sober active organization to successfully organize members of the addiction recovery community around a self-care-based lifestyle.  The Phoenix is now in scores of states, works with local sober active groups to develop programming, and hosts an annual trip to Moab, Utah.  Anyone who tells you recovery is “boring” hasn’t been to workouts or social events sponsored by The Phoenix…

Here’s an interview with New Jersey based Amy Emley, a Chapter Director & Senior Yoga Instructor for The Phoenix about the organizations work, virtual classes and social events during the pandemic and plans for the future.

For more information on The Phoenix, visit, on Facebook @The Phoenix and Instagram @riserecoverlive.    Make sure to check out the virtual calendar on The Phoenix website that lists free daily programming…

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Joe Cannon: Nutrition & Supplements in the Age of the Corona Virus…

Joe Cannon is a nationally recognized expert in sports nutrition and supplement benefits/safety.  He has an MS in exercise science and a BS in chemistry and biology.   He’s the author of six books including Nutrition Essentials: A Guidebook for Fitness Professionals.  He teaches Sports Nutrition and certifies personal trainers for the AAAI/ISMA and is a sought-after speaker on the role of nutrition and supplements and health.   He’s so smart, he’s even been retained to lecture at NASA.  Yes, NASA!  Joe is among the foremost experts in supplement safety and regularly reviews scientific research and shares his opinions at 

I had the chance to interview Joe about the importance of nutrition to good health and a strong immune system.  He also shared about what to avoid or be cautious about given so many scammers are making promises about supplements and the Corona Virus..

You’ll learn a lot in the short interview.    For more information, visit and  You can also follow Joe on Instagram at @joecannonms.

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Adam Kindred & Ignite Recovery: Wisconsin, the Sober Active Movement and Perseverance In Difficult Times….

IGNITE Recovery is an not-for-profit organization that has brought the sober active movement to Wisconsin.  Adam Kindred currently serves as President of the Board of Directors of IGNITE and as its Interim Executive Director.   In 2018, along with a group of recovery stakeholders he founded IGNITE Recovery.  Adam is also a Director of Prevention Programming for Elevate, Inc., where he works to empower youth to be future leaders and remain drug-free. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health, with an emphasis in Community and Behavioral Health Promotion.  

I had the opportunity to interview Adam earlier this week to discuss how and why IGNITE was formed, what the organization is all about, what they are doing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and how you can stay fit and sober during this challenging time.  

Check out IGNITE’s website at or its Facebook page: @IGNITE Recovery.

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You can check out an article about IGNITE on the Spiritual Adrenaline blog by clicking on this link:

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Todd Smith: Persevering Over Addiction and the Corona Virus…

Todd Smith is 34 years old and will have eight years in recovery on April 1!!!!  He has a B.S. in Psychology from of Colorado State University Pueblo.  He is a Certified Addiction Counselor and works with a program called “LEAD”, Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion. The program aims to use Harm Reduction to help low-level drug offenders develop healthier lifestyles, social habits and decrease their rate of recidivism.  He’s also a coach for Addict2Athlete, based in Pueblo, Colorado, for four years.  Finally, he’s a coach at Stay Invincible CrossFit.

In my interview, Todd and I discuss some tools he has used to succeed in staying sober. He’ll share those tools with you along with advice on how to get through the Corona Virus pandemic.  Todd shares his contact information with all of you during the interview.  I’ll release the interview tomorrow at 9 a.m. EST. on the main Spiritual Adrenaline Facebook page.    

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Abby Bernard: The Twelve Steps of Sober Leisure and Tools to Survive the Corona Virus…

Abagail Bernard is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist, and author of 12 Steps to Sober Leisure.   As a recreation therapist, Abagail helps people in early recovery rediscover the rewards of sober leisure!

I interviewed Abby about her recommendations for staying strong, healthy and sober through the Corona virus pandemic.  The interview will be released on the main Facebook page for Spiritual Adrenaline and on our blog at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

For the past 30 years she’s been working in the field of addiction recovery at Conifer Park, a treatment facility located in upstate New York.  Back in 2012, Abagail developed a leisure education group and workbook entitled “12 Steps to Sober Leisure”.  The response from patients was overwhelmingly positive!  After much encouragement from patients and coworkers, she published it in 2018 and put it on Amazon.  Since then copies have been sold to treatment professionals and people in recovery throughout the United States, with copies sold in Canada and the UK as well!  In 2019, she had her work translated into Spanish.  t’s a simple, effective and meaningful workbook that addresses a crucial part of recovery-healthy leisure.  Written in person centered language it’s suitable for everyone!  

You can contact Abby as follows:
Facebook: @12stepstosoberleisure

Instagram: abagailbernard2018

Charles West: Building Spiritual Muscles….

Charles West of Divine Spark Coaching has a powerful story of overcoming personal struggles and serious health problems to become an inspirational speaker and leader in the holistic community.   Given you cannot keep what you have with giving it away, Charles now teaches others how to develop “spiritual muscles” through Divine Spark Coaching. 

If you would like to contact Charles, check out   You can also email him at  

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Rob Archuletta, the Corona Virus, Staying Sane and Sober…

Rob Archuletta is a PhD student and Officer at Crossroads Treatment Center.  He is a 5-time Ironman, CrossFit competitor, and Ultra Spartan finisher.   He and his wife Sheena Co-founded Addict2Athlete, a sober active community, in Pueblo Colorado more than a decade ago.   Over his more than decade sober, he has counselled tens of thousands of people addicted to substances and built one of the largest and most successful active sober communities in the country. 

In this interview, Rob and I discuss what fitness is all about and how it impacts recovery, the Corona Virus Challenge he is sponsoring on Facebook, tools to help get through the epidemic sober and why it’s critical to maintain your sense of humor.


If you would like to contact Rob, he shares his contact information in this video.  In case you missed it, he’s on Instagram as @Activerecovery1 and on Facebook as @RobArchuletta.   .For more information on Spiritual Adrenaline, visit


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Doc Gooden: My Journey Back From Relapse and Message to the Newcomer….

Doc Gooden is a New York sports hero and someone who has been open about his difficulties in staying sober. He has been in and out of the rooms since 1987 and shares honestly about his experience with relapse. He also shares his advise for newcomers and those having a hard time coming back after relapse. This is interview 2 of 4 with Doc. I’ll release another video with Doc’s experience, strength and hope next Monday. Check out For more information on my book, check out

Doc Gooden: My Experience, Strength and Hope.

Interview 1 of 4: Doc Gooden is a New York sports legend.  He Is the youngest Cy Young Award Winner of all time, a first-round draft pick of the New York Mets and hone of the heroes of the 1986 World Series “Miracle Mets”.  He has been very upfront about his demons.  Since 1987 he has been in and out of recovery, just like many of us.  He recently read my book Spiritual Adrenaline and sat down with me to discuss his life as a sports legend and person who is constantly challenged by addiction.    For more information on the Spiritual Adrenaline lifestyle, visit   Also check out Doc’s website,