Spiritual Adrenaline: 7 Day Detox, 30 Day Plan & Maintenance

My approach to the Spiritual Adrenaline lifestyle help you get started slowly, and build on your success through incremental change.   I offer a seven-day detox, thirty-day plan that you can modify based upon your health history, present circumstance and long-term goals.    After my  seven-day detox and thirty-day program, I teach you how to build your own long-term plan by integrating the basic components of Spiritual Adrenaline, exercise, nutrition and spiritual tools, into your daily life.  Not only will I teach you how to integrate these tools, I’ll teach you to maximize the benefits by timing the tools you use throughout the day. Your goal will be for you to learn basic tools that can then become your new norm or modified “comfort zone”, where you are sober, happier and healthier. 

How Nutrient Deficiency Contributes to Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Michael Bedecs

Dr. Michael Bedecs is a recognized expert in anti-aging medicine and has worked closely with people in addition recovery for years.  Check out my interview with him and for more information, go to his website: http://www.agemanagementcenter.com.

Why Endorphins Are Essential in Being Healthy and Happy


shutterstock_273963020The body has the capacity to produce a large number of hormones that dramatically alter our mood, and form the underlying foundation of our brain function.   There are hundreds of different hormones, so in Spiritual Adrenaline, we focus on those that are critical to people in recovery and explain why they are so important.


Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally in the brain that trigger the sensation of pleasure. The brain regulates both the production and release of endorphins. The use of alcohol and drugs stimulates the production, and then overproduction, of endorphins. Over time, the body loses its ability to naturally produce endorphins, as alcohol and drugs overstimulate production in the brain. The brain simply cannot keep up, and production of endorphins slows as the body loses its ability to produce them.

In recovery, with the passage of time, endorphin levels in most people will stabilize..  Spiritual Adrenaline can help with this, as through proper nutrition and an exercise regimen, brain chemistry can be restored naturally. Folks need to speak to their doctor about the specifics of their situation and overall health.

How to Stimulate Endorphin Production

Exercise regularly: Endorphins are released from the pituitary gland during strenuous exercise because exercise is a form of “healthy stress” upon the body. The endorphins then have the ability to bind to opiate receptors throughout the body, helping to minimize the pain that is incurred as the exercise becomes longer in duration and intensity.  Many serious athletes experience a “runner’s high,”which is a state of euphoria that, for some, is similar to a drug or alcohol high, which can continue long after the exercising is completed.

Eat Spicy Foods:  These foods help stimulate the production of endorphins. Research studies have determined that when the “spicy” part of the food comes into contact with the taste buds on your tongue, a “good pain” signal is sent to the brain, which stimulates endorphin production. This may explain why eating spicy food seems to be so “addictive” to some people.  Look for foods rich in capsaicin. These foods include hot peppers, tobacco peppers and ginger.

Eat Foods Rich in Tyrosine:  During the biochemical process, which permits the body to create endorphins, tyrosine is needed.   Without tyrosine, the body’s ability to create dopamine is severely compromised.  Foods rich in tyrosine include meat and dairy products.

Sex and Laughter Studies confirm that sex and laughter also stimulate endorphins in the brain.  This makes sense, given that these two behaviors stimulate the pleasure center in the brain.


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