Anthony Fazio, Temperance Training, South Florida and the Sober Active Movement…

Here is my interview with Anthony Fazio, one of the Founders of Temperance Training.  Anthony, Rob Thomas and Timmy Mustion came together in 2017 at CrossFit HYPE in Boca Raton, Florida, to create “Sober Sundays,” a CrossFit class for people in addiction recovery.   Since then, Sober Sundays has grown into: Temperance Training, which offers daily workouts for people in addiction recovery; The Temperance House – a sober living home that integrates a self-care lifestyle into an outpatient treatment plan; and, the Temperance Training Foundation, an organization that promotes wellness throughout South Florida.

The exponential growth confirms the sober active movement’s growing recognition as a movement that reduces relapse rates and improves quality of life.   Temperance recently expanded to Daytona Beach and will likely continue to grow in the years to come.   For more information on Temperance Training, visit   For more information on Spiritual Adrenaline, visit:

I visited CrossFIT HYPE back in December 2017 and taped a number of interviews with Fazio, Rob and Timmy.    You can check them out below:

The Importance of Finding the Right Sponsor:

Timmy Mustion and Sober Sundays

Meet Crystal C:

Meet Kyle R.:

Happy New Year from Temperance Training:

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Walks with Sean S.: Sober Active New York City….

Sean S. loves walking all around New York City for both his physical and mental health. Last year, Sean took the Spiritual Adrenaline Challenge and lost 22.7 pounds! Most of the weight was lost walking!!!! Now Sean is going to help others looking to feel better, get out in a non-judgmental activity and learn to be present and enjoy the true beauty of New York City. For more information on “Walks with Sean….”, visit the Sober Active New York City Facebook page. For more information on Spiritual Adrenaline, visit www.spiritualadrenaline.

Sober Active Canada: Alex Talbot brings the sober active movement to Canada….

Alexandra Talbot is a Canadian Recovery Advocate, Certified Health and Life Coach, Competitive Bodybuilder on Team Carlie’s Angels and now the founder of Sober Active Canada.

Alex is an addict and alcoholic with three years sober. She has recognized the power to choose recovery and has made it her highest priority the last 3 years – one day, one rep, one meal at a time. For 28 years, Alex abused substances in complete disregard for her health and wellness. Substances took from her any dignity she may have had. With a burning desire to change her life’s course, she finally surrendered and turned it over, flipped the script, woke up and leveled up some 38 months ago. Alex will tell you she believes “Recovery is a workout, so work out your recovery. Fitness and nutrition have proven viable approaches to my recovery, complemented by my 12-step program. At 41 years of age, I’m in the best mental, physical and spiritual shape of my life – brain, body, spirit fit!” I asked Alex what advice she has for others, here is what she had to say: “A healthy self is to heal thy self. Providing a judgment-free environment open to all people in, stages of and pathways to recovery, Sober Active Canada fosters health, hope and healing amongst its community of like-minded individuals actively addicted to bettering themselves. Its locally based, Canada-wide events effect and support lifestyle change through beginner workout and physical group activities coupled with 12-step style format meetings.”

You can reach Alex as follows: IF: @soberactivecanada E-mail: IG: alexytalbot_healthyxxl E-mail: For more information on Spiritual Adrenaline, visit

Chris Bilyk: I Used My Stimulus Check to Create a “State of Gratitude!”

Every single one of us can make a difference in these difficult times.  How we go about inter-acting with others in our community, on social media and the world around us can have a profound impact.  The impact can be negative, or it can be positive.   I want to introduce you to Chris Bilyk, a sober person in addiction recovery and what he used his stimulus check to do. 

Chris decided that other people needed help more than he did.  He took the funds and used it to build out a website.  You can check it out on   He’s designed t-shirts with his logo “State of Gratitude”.   You can purchase t-shirts on his website and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to needy individuals and/or organizations, in the addiction recovery field. 

On its website, State of Gratitude shares its philanthropic vision:  

“Individuals coming out of rehabilitation treatment facilities often have been out of work for a lengthy period of time, typically around 30-90 days, and have had little to no income during that time. Coupled with the burden of bills and other expenses, this can seem like a crippling and daunting situation to anyone fresh on a new path to sobriety.

Here at State of Gratitude, we want to help facilitate a fluid transition from treatment to the outside world lessening unnecessary stress to help you focus on getting back on your feet. Whether you use the money for sober living expenses, groceries, or a cell phone bill, we are here for you.”

         Good for you Chris.   You are a role model for putting the needs of others before yourself.   If it’s true that you cannot keep what you have without giving it away, you are golden. Support Chris and State of Gratitude by visiting his website:   I bought a shirt and cannot wait to wear it.  Make sure to spread the message about Chris and what he is doing.  Small acts of kindness add up…

Johnny Armijo: New Mexico & the Sober Active Movement….

Johnny Armijo is leading the charge for the sober active movement in New Mexico.  He’s a Peer Support Specialist for Albuquerque Center for Hope and Recovery and is the lead representative of the Addict2Athlete (“A2A”) program in New Mexico. 

Johnny was born and raised in Pueblo Colorado.  He grew up with a normal life, amazing family with no substance abuse by his parents or other immediate family members.  He had his first drink at the age of 11 years old and it was a downward spiral from there.  He was drinking on a daily basis through school while also playing sports.   He got his first DWI at the age of 19 and has dealt with law enforcement and probation for over 20 years while in active addiction.  He’s been clean from drugs and alcohol for 3 ½ years.   He has been with the A2A program for 3 years and as he credits the A2A program with saving his life.  Nothing worked for Johnny until he found the sober active movement and solution.  

Johnny’s story of hitting rock-bottom, spending seven years in prison and now enjoying many years sober and helping others attain the same is inspirational.   He’s a proud Dad and Grandfather who is very open about his struggles early in life but more importantly, how he moved past them.  Make sure to check out the full interview tomorrow.  

To contact Johnny or for more information on the Albuquerque Center for Hope and Recovery and/or A2A New Mexico, visit For more information on Spiritual Adrenaline, visit

The sober active movement is growing.  Join us and take your sobriety to a new level.  

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Sean Smith: American Hero, Recovery Leader: His Message of Health, Hope and Healing on Memorial Day…

Happy Memorial Day!   Here is my interview with the one and only Sean Smith.  Sean is a true American hero who has served his country on active-duty both in Kuwait and Afghanistan.   I interviewed Sean about his addiction, his recovery and his message of hope and healing to those on active duty, to service veterans and everyone in the addiction recovery. As a co-founder of ROCovery Fitness, he is a major contributor to the sober active movement.

For more information on Sean and ROCovery Fitness, visit  To support the work of ROCovery Fitness, you can donate on their website.  For more information on Spiritual Adrenaline visit

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Lama Yeshe: Buddhism, Trauma and Overcoming Crisis…

Lama Tsultrim Yeshe is a Buddhist Monk who is affiliated with Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (“KTD”). He is based in Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he oversees Hay River KTD.  Lama Yeshe is a trauma survivor himself and brings trauma informed experience and knowledge to traditional Buddhist practices.  He’ll share his insight and offer Buddhist tools you can use during these highly stressful days.  Make sure to watch for our interview tomorrow at 9 a.m.  

Here are some links to Lama Yeshe’s social media offerings.  All times noted are Central Daylight Time. On May 5, 2020, he starts a book study of The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron.

YouTube channel:

Contact Lama Yeshe on Facebook: @lama tsultrim yeshe

For more information on Spiritual Adrenaline, visit


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The Bar Bell Saves Project: Rob Best Brings the Sober Active Movement to Phoenix…

Rob Best is the founder of the Barbell Saves Project, a drug and alcohol recovery organization that provides fitness for addicts in Phoenix, Arizona.  I had the opportunity to talk with Rob about all the exciting sober active recovery happening in Phoenix.  Rob has been sober from meth, alcohol and other mind-altering substances for seven years. After falling into a black hole, he credits fitness and recovery with saving his life and he wanted to extend that to other addicts. The Barbell Saves Project offers free fitness classes to all skill levels. The goal is healing the body to save the mind.

You can reach Rob and The Barbell Saves on almost every social media platform: Instagram:  @thebarbellsaves, @robbest8180 Facebook: Email: Website:

For more information on Spiritual Adenaline, visit

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Scott Richardson: From 400lbs to Ultra Marathons – Tools to Achieve Sobriety & Health…

Meet Scott Richardson!! In this interview, Scott share’s about how he got sober, gained lots of weight until he hit 400lbs and then finally, retook control of his physical health through exercise and nutrition. Scott is now truly sober, healthy and happy!!! . Scott’s 68 years-old and with 31 1/2 years sober, he’s a USA Triathlon coach, a USA Masters swim coach, two-time Iron-Man, ultra-distance runner and completed a 50-mile race in October of 2019. He is currently training for a 100-mile race in October 2020 and studying for certification as a National Academy of Sports Medicine (“NASM”) personal trainer. .. . Scott explains the tools he used to get where he in our interview! He helps others through “New Freedom Fitness”, a coaching agency he has started… . You can contact Scott through this Facebook page: @Scott Richardson. For more information on Spiritual Adrenaline, visit . #aa#na#hope#sober#soberlife#hope#spiritualadrenaline#centralrecoverypress#centralrecoverypress @ Normal, Illinois