A nutrition and exercise based lifestyle that is practiced along with the twelve steps of recovery.
Spiritual Adrenaline
Spiritual Adrenaline

Spiritual Adrenaline is a nutrition and exercise based lifestyle that is practiced along with the twelve steps of recovery.

Recovery Vitamins, Minerals, Hormones

"Why They Matter"

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Something that no therapist or doctor ever told me was how substance abuse and poor nutrition deplete vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes, all of which are critical to proper functioning of the mind and body. Deficiencies can greatly affect behavior, mood, and the functioning of vital organs.

Living Life to the Fullest

Living Life To The Fullest


Our bodies create, or possess the ability to create, certain substances that impact our energy, mood, and ability to properly function on a daily basis. Some of the major hormones produced by the body are Endorphins, Dopamine, Cortisol, Seratonin, GABA, Testoserone & Estrogen. Each of these hormones has the capacity to dramatically alter our mood, self-esteem and view of the world around us. Production of these hormones is regulated by the body and thrown into chaos by the abuse of alcohol or drugs.

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Over Stimulation
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Alcohol and drug use alter the normal course of production and overstimulate the glands responsible for producing the hormones. Over the time, alcohol and drugs cause such an over-stimulation that the body’s reserves are depleted and the body just cannot keep up with demand. Through proper nutrition and exercise, most people in recovery can restore proper hormone production leading to improved mood, an enhanced self-image, and in many, a sense of being spiritually linked to others and the universe around us.

Knowledge of how these vitamins, minerals and hormones are produced and their function can greatly enhance our chances of success in recovery.

-Tom Shanahan


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