A nutrition and exercise based lifestyle that is practiced along with the twelve steps of recovery.
Spiritual Adrenaline
Spiritual Adrenaline

Spiritual Adrenaline is a nutrition and exercise based lifestyle that is practiced along with the twelve steps of recovery.


I smoked for twenty-four years. After about two and a half years of freedom from alcohol and drugs, I was finally able to quit smoking. My first day of freedom from nicotine was September 27, 2013. I celebrate that day as I sincerely had given up hope of being able to quit smoking cigarettes. In early recovery, I actually started to smoke more than I had when I was drinking and doing drugs.

I Quit

And So Can You!

My Wake-Up Call

I recognized that smoking was not a sober behavior, but was unable to stop. In August 2013, I was hospitalized twice after being unable to breathe while working out at the gym.The doctors told me if I continued to smoke, it would not be long before I developed tobacco related lung disease. I still couldn’t stop. I tried nicotine lozenges, the patch and managing the number of cigarettes I smoked (a pack a day) and none of these helped.

Wake Up Call
Me in front of the sacred bathing pool where Buddha's mother went into labor. The Bodi tree behind me is the tree under which Buddha was born.
Wake Up Call
The Western Gate otherwise known as the "Renunciation Gate".

Just when I was about to give up trying, I learned the life story of Buddha. I learned how Buddha spent six years seeking to find enlightenment. Buddha failed over and over but he never gave up. After six years of trying, Buddha finally found enlightenment. I marveled at how the world would be a lesser place if Buddha had stopped trying and simply given up. Buddha inspired me to keep going, and one month later, after beginning daily yoga and reading the teaching of Buddha, I was able to finally break free of the scourge of cigarettes. I credit the teaching and life of Buddha and his inspiration for my success in quitting.

Living Purposefully

Living Purposefully
Me on the walls of the ancient palace wall with the renunciation gate and prayer flags in the background.

I was so profoundly grateful, that in April 2015, I trekked to Buddha’s birthplace in Lumbini, Nepal to thank him personally. I delivered a thank you letter and left it for him beside the Bodi Tree where his mother went into labor and gave birth to him. I visited the Western Gate of the palace where Buddha was raised. The Western Gate is now known as the “Renunciation Gate”. I stepped through the “Renunciation Gate”, again thanked Buddha, and committed to continuing to renounce the scourge of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs in my life. Just like Buddha never returned to his life as a royal and privilege after leaving through that gate, I committed to not returning to my former lifestyle.

My Commitment to You

On this page, I will share with you what worked for me to quit, what works for others, and important meditation techniques based upon the teachings of Buddha that will help quiet your mind and make quitting less traumatic. If I can quit smoking, anybody can.They just have to refuse to stop trying.


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