Spiritual Adrenaline


Coming Summer 2019

With our partner Bodyroots, we are developing a one of a kind boarding and spiritual adventure in the still untouched natural beauty of the Azore Islands, off of Portugal. To be kept updated on this adventure as the itinerary is finalized, sign up via email at: jo@bodyroots.com.

Azores Hotel
Yoga on Boards


How Avocado Helps People in Addiction Recovery…

Watch my interview with Melanie Albert about the nutrients in avocado and how they can supercharge your recovery.  For more information, visit http://www.expnutrition.com

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The Power of Ginger Root for People in Addiction Recovery!

I interview Melanie Albert, of EXPNutrition, about the power of ginger root and how to optimize your recovery with the power of ginger root.

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Superfoods for Addiction Recovery…

Great advice from nutritional expert Melanie Albert of EXPNutrition about how to integrate simple super foods into your addiction recovery regimen.  For more information, visit: http://www.EXPNutrition.com

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