Chris Cotter – Veteran’s Overcoming Obstacles….

Chris Cotter, founded Veteran’s Overcoming Obstacles, an organization dedicated to helping those who have served our country recover from addiction, PTSD and other mental health issues arising from their service.  For more information, visit:





Meet The People Behind Addict2Athlete….

Shelby Austin is the Chair of the Board of Addict2Athlete.  In this interview, Shelby (in a “Robin” costume) for the annual Hero Run in Pueblo, Colorado, and A2A founders Sheena and Rob Archuleta, share about the program.  For more information visit

Gratitude Pilgrimage to Nepal and India: Celebrating Five Years Smoke Free

I smoked for twenty-four years.  On September 27, 2018, I celebrated five years smoke free.  In this two part video, I explain why I am so grateful to Buddha and his teachings for enabling me to quit .   I travelled to Nepal in 2015 to express my gratitude and am heading to Bodhgaya India in October 2018.   If you are trying to quit, check out the smoking cessation page for tools that helped me  quit and suggestions from members of the Spiritual Adrenaline community.