The Detroit Recovery Project: Virtual Programming to Support the Recovery Community…

The Detroit Recovery Project was founded by Andre L. Johnson, in 2005.   Today, The Project is the “go to” organization for the recovery community in Detroit and Wayne County.   The Project is saving lives by offering extensive programming to members of our community including a peer support training institute among many groundbreaking programs.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, The Project has taken some of its programming online to provide virtual support to those in need.  

Bryce Cobb III is a Peer Recovery Mentor and Director of Social Media at The Project.  He joined me to discuss what The Project is all about, the recovery community in Detroit and virtual programming including yoga and smoking cessation that you can participate in for free.  Bryce is also in recovery himself and shares about his experience, strength and hope as well as his recommendations to get through this difficult time healthy and sober. 

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