Spiritual Adrenaline and Rez Hope Announce Day One North Carolina

Come join Spiritual Adrenaline and Rez Hope for Day One of the rest of our life.

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals with Mike Foley….

It’s important to avoid under-cutting yourself by setting unrealistic goals for exercise and nutrition in your recovery.  I spoke with nationally renown sports nutritionist Mike Foley about how to set realistic goals and make progress. Remember, it’s about progress, not perfection.   Check out this interview…

Tim Mustion – Sober Sundays & Temperance Training

Meet Tim Mustion, who founded Sober Sundays and now with his sponsor Anthony Fazio and CrossFit Owner Rob Thomas, has organized Temperance Training in Boca Raton, Florida.  Tim’s a rising star in the CrossFit community and active sober movement.  Check out my interview with Tim…



Chris Cotter – Veteran’s Overcoming Obstacles….

Chris Cotter, founded Veteran’s Overcoming Obstacles, an organization dedicated to helping those who have served our country recover from addiction, PTSD and other mental health issues arising from their service.  For more information, visit: http://www.veteransovercomingobstacles.org





ROCovery Fitness: Meet the Founders – Yana Khashper & Sean Smith

Yana Khashper & Sean Smith are two of the founders of ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York.  They are doing amazing work operating the first active sober living center in all of New York State.  For more on the programs they offer, to donate or get involved, visit: www.rocoveryfitness.org.