ROCovery Fitness: Meet the Founders – Yana Khashper & Sean Smith

Yana Khashper & Sean Smith are two of the founders of ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York.  They are doing amazing work operating the first active sober living center in all of New York State.  For more on the programs they offer, to donate or get involved, visit:



Rise & Grind Reno: Graduation Day and a Big Surprise

Rise and Grind Reno is an innovative program in Reno, Nevada that integrates nutrition and exercise into an overall addiction recovery program.   I attended the graduation program for four young ladies.  Grant Denton, the program founder had family members flown in to surprise the graduates.  Check out what happened in this video.

Rise & Grind Reno: Family Support for Ladies in Recovery…

I attended the Rise & Grind Reno graduation on August 24, 2018.   Grant Denton, the founder of Rise & Grind, had family members of some of the graduates flown in to surprise them at their graduation.  I interviewed some of the family members right before the graduation.  Check out this moving video.

Meet the Ladies of Rise & Grind Reno: Hear How an Active Sober Lifestyle Enhanced Their Recovery

Meet the fab four, graduates of the Rise & Grind Reno program in Reno, Nevada.  The program was founded by Grant Denton and has helped turn around the lives of its participants.   This interview was taped in Reno on August 24, 2018.

Beth A.: How She Overcame an Eating Disorder with the Help of Addict2Athlete…

Meet Beth A. of Addict2Athlete in Pueblo, Colorado.  I interviewed Beth at the “Hero Run”, a fundraiser to assist local recovery resources in Pueblo.  Hear about how Beth was able to overcome an eating addiction and restore her health.   For more information on the Addict2Athlete program, visit


Meet Chris Carter of Veterans Overcoming Obstacles and Hear How CrossFit Has Become Part of A Healthy Sober Lifestyle….

Meet Chris Carter of Veterans Overcoming Obstacles in Pueblo, Colorado.  Chris shares about the importance of a healthy lifestyle in his recovery.  He also shares about how he works with veterans of the armed forces to help them in their recovery.  Chris is a huge proponent of CrossFit and explains why….

ROCovery Fitness, Sky Fit and Mike Stanbrough: Who Ever Said Recovery Isn’t A Blast?

Meet Mike Stanbrough and our friends from ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York.   In this video, Mike introduces us to SkyFit, a fun workout on trampolines.  For more information on the fun active sober projects Mike is working on, check out his Instagram page: @thefunfitdude.   For more information on the great stuff happening at ROCovery Fitness, visit:


Rise & Grind: An Innovative Program in Reno, Nevada Designed for Women in Recovery

Grant Denton and Lisa Moore came together to create “Rise and Grind”, an innovative program in Reno, Nevada, designed specifically for women in recovery from substance abuse and inter-related mental health issues.   The majority of women in recovery also suffer from eating disorders, get addicted faster and have a higher relapse rate.  That’s why what Denton and Moore and doing is so important and ground-breaking.  They are equalizing the playing field for women in recovery!!!

Denton, Moore and participants in the Rise & Grind program.

The 90 day Rise and Grind program includes a weekly course on healthy eating and a daily workout at 6 a.m. at American Iron Gym.   The program is intended to build muscle, self-esteem and discipline.   Moore told us the ladies “get clean and sober – and they stop doing drugs, but then they need to learn how to do the nutrition part of it the working out part of it.”   Denton added it’s a 90 day program that is intended to be integrated into a long-term recovery program.   Rise & Grind graduates get a one year free membership to American Iron Gym when they graduate.   For more information visit    Denton and Moore are serious players in recovery but also know how to have fun.  Below is video they recreated to celebrate the graduation of a 2018 class.  GREAT WORK!!!!!

Todd Smith: Addict 2 Athlete: How One Addict Learned to “Stay Invincible”….

While incarcerated at 27 for drug related offenses, Todd Smith suffered a heart attack, organ failure and was rushed to the hospital and given last rights.  Today, Todd is five years sober, inspires others with his work at Addict 2 Athlete and Stay Invincible Cross Fit in Pueblo, Colorado and will soon graduate with honors from college.   Todd’s story is among the most compelling and his journey in recovery has only just begun.