Chris Cotter – Veteran’s Overcoming Obstacles….

Chris Cotter, founded Veteran’s Overcoming Obstacles, an organization dedicated to helping those who have served our country recover from addiction, PTSD and other mental health issues arising from their service.  For more information, visit:





Adam P: Smoking, Caffeine and Recovery Addiction

I interviewed Adam P., a member of ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York, about his experience in dealing with smoking, caffein and other unhealthy lifestyle choices in recovery.    For more information about ROCovery Fitness, check out their website at


ROCovery Fitness: Samantha S. – How I Used Exercise to Overcome Addiction

Samantha S. is a member of ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York.  In this interview, she shares about how exercise and the twelve steps helped her break the cycle of addiction.  For more information on ROCovery Fitness, go to their website at


ROCovery Fitness: Boot Camp Saturdays….

ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York, is the first active sober community center in all of New York State.  ROCovery hosts lots of events every day of the week.  On Saturday mornings, the organization hosts “Bootcamp” in local parks.  Check out this interview and for more information about ROCovery, go to their website at


ROCovery Fitness: Meet the Founders – Yana Khashper & Sean Smith

Yana Khashper & Sean Smith are two of the founders of ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York.  They are doing amazing work operating the first active sober living center in all of New York State.  For more on the programs they offer, to donate or get involved, visit:



Rise & Grind Reno: Graduation Day and a Big Surprise

Rise and Grind Reno is an innovative program in Reno, Nevada that integrates nutrition and exercise into an overall addiction recovery program.   I attended the graduation program for four young ladies.  Grant Denton, the program founder had family members flown in to surprise the graduates.  Check out what happened in this video.

Rise & Grind Reno: Family Support for Ladies in Recovery…

I attended the Rise & Grind Reno graduation on August 24, 2018.   Grant Denton, the founder of Rise & Grind, had family members of some of the graduates flown in to surprise them at their graduation.  I interviewed some of the family members right before the graduation.  Check out this moving video.

Beth A.: How She Overcame an Eating Disorder with the Help of Addict2Athlete…

Meet Beth A. of Addict2Athlete in Pueblo, Colorado.  I interviewed Beth at the “Hero Run”, a fundraiser to assist local recovery resources in Pueblo.  Hear about how Beth was able to overcome an eating addiction and restore her health.   For more information on the Addict2Athlete program, visit