How Nutrient Deficiency Contributes to Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Michael Bedecs

Dr. Michael Bedecs is a recognized expert in anti-aging medicine and has worked closely with people in addition recovery for years.  Check out my interview with him and for more information, go to his website:

Charles West: Cancer and Beyond the Twelve Steps….

Charles West is a regular contributor to Spiritual Adrenaline.    In this video, he explains how being diagnosed with cancer challenged him to overcome fear, integrate the steps into his life and rather than let his diagnosis destroy him, look inside to find his divine spark.

Meditation, Chanting and Buddhist Practice for Addiction Recovery

We look at how Buddhism can benefit people in recovery. We are joined by Llama Tsultrim Yeshe of the KTD Monastery based in Woodstock, NY. In this segment, we look at role of meditation and chanting in Buddhist spirituality to tame our minds, manage the “Monkey Mind.” FMI check out the KTD Monastery website.

Entire Buddhism Video Series: