Spiritual Adrenaline – Part 1: Education

The education portion of my book tracks the latest peer-reviewed studies in exercise and nutrition science, with an emphasis on people in addiction recovery.  I track what nutrients can help lessen cravings, provide your body with anti-oxidants needed to remediate years of substance abuse and malnutrition, and other critical nutritional information to increase your chances of success and long-term happiness in recovery.  I also track the latest research on how different types of exercise can help address various issues common for people in recovery, for example anxiety.   By learning the basics of my evidence-based approach, you are prepared to then apply the benefits to your life and recovery and achieve your aspirations. 

Adam P: Smoking, Caffeine and Recovery Addiction

I interviewed Adam P., a member of ROCovery Fitness in Rochester, New York, about his experience in dealing with smoking, caffein and other unhealthy lifestyle choices in recovery.    For more information about ROCovery Fitness, check out their website at www.ROCoveryfitness.org.